I have been working feverishly on gifts for my new granddaughter….she’s not here yet, but we are just weeks away from her arrival!!!!!  I couldn’t be more excited to meet her and cover her with kisses!!!  After talking with my son and his wife about their nursery theme and colors I headed to the local fabric store and started looking up patterns for baby items I could sew as a beginner with both my machine and my skills.

I created a few different sets of baby items and the work turned out beautifully!  These sets are unique and so lovely!!!  I decided to avoid the traditional baby prints and instead  create something stylish and unique.  I started with the super easy baby blanket.  I made mine with square corners because it is easy to stitch but you can round the corners quite easily.  Then I found a pattern for contoured burpies and I had to make them as part of the set.  Once I had finished this first lovely set, I was so excited to make more…..

Couture Set


Couture Set 1.jpg

My excitement over how beautiful these items turned out has inspired my own couture line of baby products.   The sets include a large piece and one or two smaller pieces that will all compliment each other.  I will be listing items in my Etsy shop for purchase and as always, you can contact me directly through my blog, on the Knot Your Way Facebook  Facebook page or through my store to request specific prints or colors.  I will also be working on a line of Micro-Preemie to Preemie sized items that I know first hand are hard to find at retail stores.

If you are crafty and want to try your hand at any of these patterns, they are available for free online.  The link for the lovely contoured burpies I made can be found here.  The baby blanket was something I created without a pattern.  The blankets measure roughly 35″ x 35″.  I was able to complete one set in a day, so set some time aside and make a gift today!!!