In honor of Panda and her birthday this month, I made a gift personal to her using the new sewing machine that Hubs gave to me for Mother’s Day this year.  I haven’t had a ton of time with my machine yet, but I have worked on some basic  patterns that I found free on the internet and dove right in learning the mechanics of my machine.

This particular project I had to modify from its original because the measurements I needed in order to accommodate the sketch book was larger than what was called for in the original pattern.

I did make a couple of subtle changes, but the basic pattern can be found here.  Deena Rutter has a wonderful blog full of free patterns and ideas.  Her tutorial comes with a ton of photos to help you along if you are a beginner like me and if you are an advanced sewer, you should have no problems at all putting it together.

Artist Journal 2.jpg

Like I said, I had to change a few things with the original pattern, but I followed her directions and steps to keep on track with the pattern.  I used an upholstery fabric for the inside and outside panels and the pockets were made with lightweight cotton fabric.  I did still put tacking in between the inside and outside panels for added toughness.  The pattern also called for the pen/pencil slots to be to the left side of the pocket that would hold the notebook/sketchbook.  I needed to modify it to work better for Panda who likes to write to her left side and reach right for her materials.  I also created a pocket right beside the sketchbook pocket that is large enough to hold her erasers and a small sharpener.  This way she will have all her sketch tools with her no matter where she goes.  The compact size and soft covers keep it flexible for storage and easy to carry.

I don’t know if you have a use for an Artist/Journal Wrap for yourself, but I bet someone you love would love to have their writing or drawing utensils in an easy to carry case.  Heck, make one for the kids to use when you are in the car or out to dinner.  This would be sure to keep them occupied and if it gets dirty, just take the supplies out and throw it in the wash.

The pattern took me an afternoon (or about 3 hours) to put together.  Remember though, I am a beginner, so I hit some snags…..took a few breaks to play games on my phone…..and got generally frustrated with my lack of knowledge on my new machine.  If you are a pro, I bet this could be done in no time at all.

If you do decide to create one, I hope you will share your finished product with me here or with Deena Rutter on her blog.