It’s been so hot outside this past week that I have had to work on indoor projects only.  I have wanted to make some decorative improvements to the porch since Spring, but kept pushing it off and now I’m full of regrets because sweltering is the word of the day for the 8th day in a row.

Well, heat or no heat I really wanted to make something new for the porch, so I started thinking about what I could create indoors and then place outside….a wind chime seemed perfect.

Twelve years ago I bought a beautiful glass wind chime from Jules Enchanting Gifts.  You can find her entire line of products from chimes to garden fairies here .  Anyone who sells an outdoor decor item that lasts twelve years has my business for sure 🙂  I love the light sound my chime makes and the sun bouncing off the colored glass is just beautiful but one chime is never enough!

I set about to find a DIY that would fit my house and my personality without breaking the budget….like any good project it really begins with looking around at the supplies I have and trying to find a new use for them.

Driftwood Chime Parts 2

Living on the shores of the Delaware River has it’s perks.  One is good fishing and the other is the driftwood!  I started collecting interesting pieces from the shores two years ago so I have amassed a good sized collection.  I found a small piece about 8″-9″ long and about 1-1/2″ thick.  I thought this piece had a lot of character, so I grabbed some of Hubby’s fishing line and a pretty box of beads and in under two hours (with interruptions) I had a really pretty beaded chime.

Driftwood Chime Parts

To begin I needed to place holes in the driftwood to run the fishing line through for hanging the chime and hanging the beads.  I placed two holes on the outer edges and cut enough line that I could hang it.  The spacing between those two holes appeared enough for 4-6 additional holes to hang the strung beads from.  I find symmetry pleasing, so I located the center point between the two end holes and created one hole there.  Then I spaced out placement of two holes on either side of the center.

Now I started stringing up the beads on fishing line.  The colors in this pack reminded me of the ocean, so I just got creative with the shapes, color and spacing of the beads. I purposely made the center string longer than the other four strings.  When the stringing was completed, the final assembly was simple and quick.  Make sure you secure the beads on the line by placing a knot on the fishing line at the base of the last bead making it thick enough to keep the beads on.  The other end of the line will be fed through the driftwood hole.  I wanted to secure the knot at the top with a bead for decoration, and the truth is; it makes securing the beaded line so much easier when you top knot the bead you don’t want to skip the step.

Once everything is all secure, just find your place inside or outside and hang it.  I love mine blowing in the breeze.  It’s mostly a quiet chime since the beads are all acrylic and that’s okay with me because it doesn’t take anything away from my glass chime that I have loved for years.

Driftwood Chime Completed

I hope you make one for yourself.  Be as creative as you want to be with the shape and size of your hanger and find the beads, charms, bells and anything else that you find beautiful and get started.  You will have a decorative piece in just a few short hours.