The week started out feeling like summer was already here.  Panda and I grabbed the grand baby, Bug and went to the beach for the day about mid-week and it was wonderful!!!  By the time Friday rolled around, so had the clouds and the wind.  The temperature took a 20 degree dip and by Saturday it was a nasty rainy cold day.

It was up to me to entertain both the younger girls on Saturday by myself since Hubs was gone for the weekend on a guy trip and Panda had to work.  They usually are great at entertaining themselves with pretend games and electronics, but just after lunch and before Bug has her quiet/nap time, they started to argue.  Time for a craft….

Gracie has a big collection of play dough tools and Bug just loves play dough right now, so it was a no brainer for me to get out the supplies and make two colors of dough for the girls to use for the afternoon.

I don’t have anything against purchasing  play dough at the store.  I use to buy it simply for the convenience, but I just can’t justify the cost for a disposable “toy” at it’s recent cost point.  So, that sent me on a hunt through the land of Pinterest for a good homemade dough.  I did have a few fails, but finally combined some ideas and came up with the perfect sized batch for one big color or several small.

This recipe is simple, cheap and so workable!!!!  It is a no cook and no cream of tartar recipe so from start to table is 5 minutes and the kids can help make it…..if they do, that might lengthen your start to table time, but at least there is play dough being made.

Remember if you want your dough to last more than one play session, you need to take it immediately when the kiddos are done…if it’s drying out, add a bit of water.  Otherwise, put your dough in plastic bags and push all the air out.  It should be good for a day or two of play.

Now that I’ve raved about it enough, let’s grab the ingredients and get to making some dough!

You will need:

1 cup of all-purpose flour

1/4 cup of water

1/4 cup of salt

2-4 Tbsp. of oil (I used olive, but you can use what ever you have handy)

Few drops of food coloring

Vanilla extract, peppermint, orange…pick one and a few drops for scent.

Put the flour and salt in a bowl and whisk together to combine.  Make a small well in the center and add the water, oil, extract and food coloring.  Mix well.  When everything is mixed it should be the perfect consistency for play.  If it is too wet, add some flour and mix again.  If it is too dry, add some water and mix again.  Final tip….if it’s sticky, add some oil.

I hope you and yours love this dough as much as we do.