About three months ago I was searching through my Pinterest feed for some new beauty tips and I came upon an article about using organic oils on your face.  I have to admit that I was more than a little interested and I read the entire article!  For someone who is an admitted skimmer, that’s saying a lot.  You can read the entire article here and I hope you do.  It’s a short article that covers 5 of the more popular oils and their benefits to the skin on your face.

I have had a long-held belief that oils were fine if used as a carrier oil for aromatherapy Face Oils.jpgor general body care….maybe even the occasional facial mask when I needed to hydrate, but the thought of intentionally rubbing oil on my face and leaving it there overnight seemed like I was just asking for a major breakout.

Listen, I couldn’t have been more wrong and I wish so badly that I had known about this simple but life changing addition to my beauty routine about ten years ago!!!

I personally have added Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil to my routine because I’m over 40 now and….well…..wrinkles.  I can tell you about how soft my skin is and I can tell you that fine lines are already diminished, but I think the best outcome of adding oils to my nightly routine is my eyelashes!!

In my youth I had long eyelashes, but they were always on the thin side.  As I have aged, they have only continued to thin out even more and I had noticed that they weren’t growing as long as they once did.  I broke down and bought some over the counter fake eyelashes and tried them out. Honestly, I loved how my eyes looked, but I hated that gummy feeling from the glue and I was constantly worried they would come loose….that one day was the end of the fake store-bought lashes.  I had been considering a beauty salon treatment, but I wrestled with the cost and time involved in maintaining the new look.

Not anymore….


I’m not the best at selfies but this is an unfiltered shot and my eyelashes look amazing!  I’m really pleased that they look this great with just a little L’OrĂ©al mascara.  In fact, the lashes on the inside of my eye are so long now that if I put mascara on them, they bother me when I blink.

I hope you read the article and find what oil would work best for your needs. Don’t be afraid to try one.  I’ve had zero outbreaks, no more dry patches and the wrinkles are slowing down on the march across my face.  I’d say I’m keeping the oils in my skin care routine from now on.

If you have used essential oils and found them to be a great addition to your beauty routine, I would love to hear about it.